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The purified smoothness of the sculptures of Marcy

imposes first a reflexion.

Her stone or granite or bronze faces underline, by their simplicity, a will of heart, a desire of rise.

Between the delicate tenderness of "First day" and the hieratic nobility of "Miss No" circulates the same vein of inspiration.

If the influence of her fascination for the Egyptian art is felt, it is detached some with respect, without losing qualities of them and by insufflating her personal emotion there.

It is before all the passion of creating which animates her.

She practises stone sculpture as well as modelling and it is in the art foundry, between Paris and Italy, that she follows the casting of her artworks, improving waxes and supervising each patina.

Into her artworks, Marcy try to describe what she feels with a minimum of means.

Her work collects the intimacy of her subjects which let appear, just on the surface of the stone, the multiple variations of her sensitivity.

Patrice de la Perrière


" Sculpture is not only art, but it's also another way to watch the life."

copyright © marcy 2012